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Maryam and Kevin

I haven’t been shooting much lately so here are a few shots of my friends Maryam and Kevin that I shot in April before I left Arkansas. They got married this summer and are living happily ever after!

Christmas came early

Took this at costume party at my cabin a few nights ago.

The Green Sailor

In the harbor of Camden, ME.

I don’t count the stars

In Rockport, Maine last night.

Moonlit Bay

These were taken a few weeks ago after coming out of an evening presentation at Union Hall in Rockport, Maine. My friend Tre helped out.

Pregnant Sister has a birthday

My sister is pregnant. She’s about 32 weeks along in this photo and at the time of posting she is about 37 weeks. Also today is her birthday. So Happy Birthday Sis! These were taken strolling around on the beach of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Fog on the River

Nice fog on the river when I woke up the other morning.

Candlepin Bowling in Maine

In the New England area they have a variation on standard bowling. They call it Candlepin Bowling. The pins are cylinders about the size of a stick of dynamite or a road flare and the balls are about the size of a grapefruit. It’s much harder than regular bowling. I went with some friends from the Maine Media Workshops and we had a great time. My camera got passed around a bit so some of these shots weren’t taken by […]

Salt Lake City Sunrise

Caught this sunrise as I drove to the airport when I was leaving Salt Lake City. I was running late, so I couldn’t stop, I rolled down the drivers window and held the camera up and took the shot… I do that a lot.

Temple in Salt Lake City

This is the Morman Temple in Salt Lake City. These are two HDR shots that aren’t very good. I’m kind of struggling with the HDR workflow, can’t seem to get good results and I’m not sure if it is my technique or if I’m doing something wrong or not doing something I’m supposed to be doing. Oh well, I will keep working on it!

Blowin in the wind

On Antelope Island in The Great Salt Lake.

Maine Media Workshops Open House

On Sunday the Maine Media Workshops had their second annual Open House. This is the event where people can come from anywhere in the world to check out the facilities and learn about what happens here. I was pretty busy most of the day, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the Dog Portrait studio. This was setup using Canon’s wifi system to send pictures straight to the computer as they were taken and then they would […]

You looking at me?

I got to test out a 10-22 wide angle lens while I was in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. I loved it. These two shots are of a random dog that I met while I was roaming around taking pictures on Antelope Island.

Some Bison in Utah

There’s a herd of about 500 Bison that live on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Here are a few. The signs said don’t get off the road, so I didn’t. I really wanted to get a lot closer and I wasn’t afraid of the bison, I just didn’t want to get fined by the Park Rangers. Click the image for a larger version