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Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 is the second thanksgiving in a row that I haven’t spent with my family and the second in a row that I haven’t had turkey. I spent Thanksgiving 2007 in Mexico. I had Fettuccine Alfredo because we couldn’t find any place serving turkey. It wasn’t that good. Would have preferred some delicious turkey and mashed taters and gravy, some corn, green beans, stuffing, and hot dinner rolls. Oh well. Below is a random picture I took on Thanksgiving […]

Every day, a little more pale

Two students from the Maine Media Workshops at a random costume party in October. Lou Michael

Darkroom Dave

Here’s another one of my friends named Dave. (trust me I have a lot of friends named Dave or David). This Dave worked in the Darkroom all summer here at the Maine Media Workshops! I needed to post a picture to test something I’ve been working on and this is a picture I already had sitting on flickr, so it got published!

Maine colors

I grew up in Arkansas which has incredible fall colors, but I must admit, this fall in Maine was really quite beautiful and probably more colorful than most Autumn’s in Arkansas.

Tilt Shift Picnic

Time has flown by, but back in August, I got my hands on a Canon 24mm tilt shift lens ($1149 from Amazon and more info here) and played with it at a picnic/barbecue at my house with some friends and coworkers. The tilt shift lens is very tricky to use. For the non-photographers out there: basically it gives you the ability to manipulate your plane of focus on an x, y, and z axis instead of just the normal x […]

Random Scenes from Cancun

So I’ve been working back through old pictures as I build my new image galleries for my website and I came across these random shots from Cancun. These were taken with my little point and shoot Panasonic Lumix and have no real artistic value, but they do offer a little glimpse into Cancun.

Friday Night Shows in the Soundstage

Every Friday night at the Maine Media Workshops is a viewing of the students work that was created during that week. It’s a festive celebration and makes a great ending to a week of hard work. A couple of Friday’s ago, I had my camera handy, so I snapped a few pictures of the setup so you can see what it’s like. The Executive Director, Charles Altschul welcomes the crowd to the show!

Fresh Coconut!

This was taken earlier this year in Cancun. It’s fresh coconut just chopped from the tree and tossed into this tub of water. I bet you thought coconuts were brown didn’t you?

Shooting some wild game!

So I got my hands on the 70-200mm 2.8 IS USM lens from Canon and went out to play with it. ($1,600 from Amazon) I don’t claim to excel at outdoor/nature photography, I’ll leave that to my father and brother. But this lens begs to shoot birds, so here ya go. I approached very slowly and the duck didn’t seem to mind me getting close. I got about 6 or 7 feet away and got this shot without having to […]

Dave came to visit

Last summer while I was working for the Santa Fe Photography Workshops, I had the privilege of working with Dave. We worked closely together for the whole summer and he was a fantastic source of knowledge and humor. Anyway, he stopped into Maine for a quick visit before doing some photo printing and then heading overseas for some documentary photography work. We hung out, tried to get into some trouble (very nearly succeeding), and shot some pictures in various places […]

Photoshoot with 7 Weekers

The Maine Media Workshops has a 7 week work study program which involves instruction in either photography or filmmaking. The photos below were the idea of Lou, one of the filmmakers. She also happens to be a photographer and wanted to take some portraits of her classmates. She asked me to help her with the lighting setup. Carlos, another filmmaker/photographer wanted to help so it ended up being a very collaborative effort with all three of us contributing ideas and […]

More Candlepin Bowling

So the other night I hung out at the bowling alley with some friends and shot a few pics! Matt and Kevin Deb This is a little semi-private area of the bowling lanes and we took over the whole area! Carlos Carlos showing off his hours old tattoo Bruce Carlos bowled a spare Lou Michael Matt Good times with good friends!

Russell Carpenter

So Russell Carpenter was here in Maine teaching a few weeks ago. He was the cinematographer on “Titanic” which won an Oscar award for Cinematography. This night he was showing one of his recent films called “21” starring Kevin Spacey about some Blackjack Card Counters that are also MIT students. It was a cool little film, but not as good as I expected. This particular photo took me a few minutes to get because the theater is so dark I […]

Jay Maisel visits me in Maine

ok, he didn’t actually come to visit me… he is here at the Maine Media Workshops this week teaching his class called “Light, Gesture, Color”… He has an amazing eye for photography and is one of my favorite photographers so I’m always happy to listen to his lectures and sit in on his classes. (I love this shot, but its slightly out of focus… damn!) Here he watches a short video about him that he shows during his lecture.

Outrage Knockouts!

I did a photoshoot in April for the Outrage Knockout girls. They work for a clothing company promoting the line of clothing at various kinds of fights throughout the country. Check out their myspace. Most of these all could use a little more careful post processing, but this was right before I came to Maine and since then, I haven’t really had time to work on my photography much.