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Candlepin Bowling in Maine

In the New England area they have a variation on standard bowling. They call it Candlepin Bowling. The pins are cylinders about the size of a stick of dynamite or a road flare and the balls are about the size of a grapefruit.

It’s much harder than regular bowling. I went with some friends from the Maine Media Workshops and we had a great time. My camera got passed around a bit so some of these shots weren’t taken by me.

Allen and Tre

Tre (possibly not taken by me, not sure who got this shot)

Evan, doing some karate kid stuff

Me. Not sure who shot this, but it’s a great one!

Ryan. He was getting frustrated by the difficulty of the game.

Jenny’s Tattoo! Isn’t that awesome!?

The Dave.

You will notice that there aren’t many pics of the actual bowling. That’s because bowling is about the fun times, not the final score!

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