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Brett Favre coming out of retirement!

I love football. Both playing and watching. I watch both college and NFL, but much more into NFL football because of the whole fantasy football thing. I’m not sure how, but I started liking the Packers and their quarterback named Brett Favre. He played with enthusiasm and true grit (yeah that’s on purpose) and I kind of latched on to him as my favorite player.

pic stolen from the nydailynews.com

I was crushed when they lost in the playoffs last season. I was so excited about a possible Packers vs Patriots superbowl! Then when Favre announced his retirement in March, I was really disappointed because I thought the Packers could probably give it another solid superbowl run.

I had a sneaking suspicion that I would see Favre again with that green number 4 jersey playing in Green Bay on Sundays. And now it looks like that could be true. He is coming out of retirement and will be joining the Packers for his 17th season. There has been tons of drama about this, this summer, but I’m happy about it. My prediction was that he would probably come out of retirement a little later in the season. Probably about 3 games in because his former backup, Aaron Rodgers would get hurt and Favre would come out of retirement and put the Packers on his back and carry them happily ever after into the sunset that is a superbowl championship.

The details still need to be worked out at the time of this posting, but I’m pretty excited about watching Favre this season and I’m rooting for a Packers vs Patriots superbowl!

UPDATE: Damn… I jumped the gun a bit… Favre was traded to the Jets. I don’t hate the Jets, but I’m not a fan either. This means that my hopes of seeing Favre duel with Brady in a superbowl can’t happen. I just can’t believe the Packers are silly enough to let Favre go… crazy football drama!

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