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Charlee (2001-2015)

Today I had to let go of my friend Charlee. She got sick and we couldn’t make her better. She was a great dog and will be terribly missed.

My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

HouseProud Video

I was honored to be tasked with making a video that really gets to the heart of what HouseProud is all about and showcases some of the real impact a small group of people can make in just a few hours. I was humbled by the generosity of those that volunteer and genuinely moved by the grateful attitude of those people we are helping.

My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

My current DSLR set up for One-Man-Band Video production

Many of my video shoots don’t have budget for a lot of helpers, so I’m often the entire operation: Directing, Shooting, Producing, Audio, Writing, Editing, and Grading. Doing it this way doesn’t get boring. I thought I’d post a recent picture of my camera setup for when I’m operating alone.

Leaving Instagram

Why I went back to Instagram

I rejoined Instagram about 3 weeks ago and I thought I should explain my reasons.

iphone 6+

One month with the Iphone 6+

after about 4 weeks of using the Iphone 6 Plus, here are my thoughts:

Tanya and Gen Engagement Photos

I was happy to shoot my friend Tanya’s engagement photos a few weeks ago at the Goat Farm and at the High Museum.

April and May Iphone snaps

Here are a few recent Iphone snaps I liked:

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Day 3

The rain came down and down. We tried exploring some different areas including Sullivan’s Island and Shem Creek but as you can in the pictures it was dreary and cold. We found good places to duck into and warm up and eat, so it wasn’t all bad. Be sure to check out day 1 and day 2.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Day 2

On our second day in Charleston guess what we did… if you guessed walked around and ate food, you’d be correct. @jenamiller is really into food especially the delicious kind and Charleston is filled with good restaurants. I carried my camera and just explored the city through my lens.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Day 1

Kendrick Disch Photography – Street Scenes from Charleston Day 1

New Work: 2013 Federal Reserve Annual Report Videos

I don’t often share the work I do at my full time job because it’s for a totally different audience. However we just completed a new project I’m happy to share with you all in hopes that you’ll enjoy looking at it and find some of the information useful.

Permanent Art Exhibit in Corporate Cafeteria

Last year I spent 16 days on the road shooting commissioned art work for a corporate client. They wanted bright colorful images from around the Southeast to adorn their cafeteria walls. They gave me a few examples of stuff they liked and then set me free to photograph 6 cities and capture work worthy of printing 6 feet wide and framing. A tall order to say the least…

Caught a big one in Florida!

Caught a big one off the coast of Florida. It’s an Amber Jack and it tasted great!

Selfie at The Library in Chicago

Selfie at The Library in Chicago