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Portraits of Digital Marketing Phenom: Jesah

I’ve known Jesah for almost 20 years… We went to school together and worked together in Arkansas. Now he’s a entreprenuer doing some some awesome digital marketing work with his startup agency, Blue Avacado Media and he needed some cool photos for the new site. He popped over to Atlanta and I shot these fun portraits!

Awesome Atlanta Portraits with Beth Schiavo

  This portrait session was so fun! Beth Schiavo needed some lifestyle portraits for her new executive coaching business. Here’s a bit from her new website: “On a mission to help women amplify their voices at work and help businesses grow by hearing them, she is an executive coach, inclusion specialist and financial strategist with almost 30 years of experience leading businesses and fostering talent within them.” Check her site at https://www.bethschiavo.com/  

Honeymoon in Mexico

Got Married in May. More on that later… but in the meantime… wanted to share some honeymoon travel pics! We had a great time in Cabo, Mexico!

Hotel San Cristobal

While on our honeymoon in Cabo last year, we rented a jeep and headed about an hour north of Cabo to visit a smaller town called Todos Santos and we grabbed a drink at a trendy little instagrammy hotspot called Hotel San Cristobal. It has 8 rooms and is pretty private. Totally worth a visit if you’re in Cabo!

New York City Buildings

The buildings form a canvas of New York City

When you go to New York, the one thing you can’t ignore is the buildings! They reach up into the sky and tower over the city… they are the main character in the New York story…  So when I was there a few weeks back I carried the Fuji XT2 around with me the whole time and just shot for fun and wouldn’t you know it, I came back with a lot of images of buildings I really liked. I love […]