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Atlanta Prison Farm


I was doing some research for possible locations for photoshoots in Atlanta and I read about this old abandoned prison in Southeast Atlanta. So I grabbed a couple of classmates and we had a great time poking our cameras around in these old buildings!

I encourage you to click here to watch a full screen slideshow of the images on my flickr page. They look better big! Or just click here to look at the whole set which is 28 pics.




16 thoughts on Atlanta Prison Farm

  1. Looks like a pretty cool place, you got any plans to use it for a shoot? Looks to me like there a great number of great close-up shots of small details, like to fire alarm and the book, but I would move in much closer.

  2. The really great thing about this place is that it has tons of natural light! That’s why I took so many pics of the windows, because I’m gonna come back here and use the window light for various things… I don’t have any specific ideas yet, but I definitely plan on going back for some shoots.

  3. Great shots.. I am planning a trip down shortly to shoot this area.

    Quick question and maybe a little elementary… Could you gime me a quick “how to” on the black frame and signature on your photos.. I use Lightroom and Elements for post processing…

  4. Hey there, the prison is a little hard to find. It’s hidden behind a group of overgrown trees. I parked several blocks away and walked east down the road til you can sorta see parts of the building behind the trees. Then I just hiked through the brush and found the prison. take a look at google maps to get a good aerial view before going…

  5. I was just there today and did not see the barber chair or the weight bench above… How long ago did you go?

  6. It’s still there. The 3rd floor burned but you can still get on top of the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor walls are still there. It’s not closed down. It’s amazing.

  7. Does anyone know if this is still accessible? I have 4 photoshoots coming up and I’d love to shoot here!

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