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Acadia National Park

So the other day I went with the gorgeous Elizabeth Cecil and her class to Acadia National Park. She was teaching a small class called Vision and Discovery and I took the day off work to hit the park with them and my pal Dave who was in town for a couple days.

Unfortunately, we were there during the middle of the day on a very bright day so the lighting is very harsh…

The class poses for a portrait at Jordan Pond.

Dave shooting me with a big 70-200mm lens.

Student in the class, Will, shoots a few shots at Sand Beach.

Ok, so I volunteered to drive the Workshops van, and got pulled over in the van. I was driving fine, but the van had a “for hire” plate and so we were supposed to have a special permit, which we didn’t have because we didn’t know we needed it. Fast forward a few minutes and we are free to go, but next time we just gotta get the proper permit.




So because it was so bright and I wasn’t really getting any good shots at the beach, I decided to take some pictures of the people hanging out at the beach.



Here’s the view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. If you were to come here for the sunrise, you would be the first person in the United States to see the sun for that day.

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