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a few random photos from Salt Lake City 2008

Three years ago this month (summer of 2008), my little brother got married in Salt Lake City, UT and I flew out for the wedding from Maine. It was a rather epic journey to get there and I actually missed the wedding. The whole story can be found here (Epic Journey to Salt Lake City).

Anyway, I was digging back through some old photos and came across the photos from that trip. I found a few I liked that I didn’t post back then.

Reflection of Salt Lake Temple
Inside the Tabernacle, --Among the many unique features of the tabernacle are its incredible acoustics, the ceiling is made of plaster and steamed, wooden planks lashed together with rawhide thongs, and wooden pegs which amplify the sound throughout the whole building. The Tabernacle is home to an 11,623 brass pipe organ as well as the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir.--
an amusing act of graffiti, (not by me)
reflection of the photographer, downtown Salt Lake City
a sunset (caught while driving)

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