My mom sent me an email about this place called The Vortex here in Atlanta that she saw on the travel channel. They serve a variety of interesting burgers including one called The Elvis Burger.

Here’s what the entrance looks like:20090220-_mg_1734

The Elvis Burger consists of a juicy half pound burger, fried bananas, bacon, and a large slathering of creamy peanut butter. Yep, Peanut Butter on a burger… interesting… I’m a big fan of a peanut butter so I knew I had to try this epic burger. So last night was the big night. 20090516-_mg_4499

First of all this thing was huge! Probably at least 6 inches tall. As I ate it, I got lots of peanut butter and hamburger juice all over my face and hands… I liked the combo of sweet fried bananas mixed with the peanut butter but paired with the bacon and burger just didn’t seem to fit together that well. There was definitely a flavor fight happening in my mouth. I don’t think I would order it again but I’m really glad they make this thing and I’m really glad I tried it. I do want to sample the other burgers on the list, like the Double Coronary Bypass Burger! yummy!