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Thanks- 2010

I’ve had a crazy few years since 2007. Lots of craziness.

This is my second Thanksgiving in Atlanta and I’ve got lots to be thankful for. I’ve got a couple of amazing friends here and I’ve got a good job that challenges me in ways I should be challenged. I’ve got a place to live that I really like and I’ve got some cool projects going that could lead to cool stuff down the road.

I’ve got a great family that supports my efforts to do what I find fulfilling. I’ve got good health and now for the first time in years I’ve actually got health insurance. Maybe I’ll take up boxing again!

I’m glad the economy isn’t worse than it is. I think it could have been really bad. Like fistfighting over loaves of bread bad. I’m thankful for the military might of the United States and those that choose to protect the rest of us. I heard today that there are 2 million members of the US military. That’s a lot.

There’s lots of things I wish I could afford to buy and places I wish I could afford to go, but I’m pretty lucky to have the things I do have. I try to remind myself it’s better to want the things I have than have the things I want.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys out there that support me in the ways that you do, because I wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

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