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Workshop: Digital Workflow using Lightroom 3

Event registration for Digital Workflow using Lightroom 3 with Kendrick Disch powered by Eventbrite

Meat cart in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic- A few more images

I was so busy while I was in the Dominican Republic teaching my Adobe Lightroom Workshop, that I didn’t get to shoot very many pictures. But yesterday I discovered another compact flash card with images I had taken, but didn’t get a chance to offload them to my laptop right away and then forgot about them. So here they are! This last one is my breakfast, Salami and Mangu, one morning during the workshop!

The Producers of my Caribbean Lightroom Workshops

Alicia Kidd Photography Workshops is both the brains and the brawn behind my recent Lightroom Workshops in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I was just there to preach what I know, while they organized everything and dealt with all the promotions and did all the actual work… Huge thanks to Alicia and her producing partner, Su-jeng Sang who is also her real life partner! They got engaged earlier this year and they are both amazing people and they make a […]

Dominican Republic Street Photography

Dominican Street Photography – Colonial Zone

When I’m giving a Lightroom Workshop, I definitely want to get my students out of the classroom and into the world to make images. I do this for two reasons: A) I want them to have fresh/exciting new stuff to import and process and B) even if you enjoy working on the computer, three straight days of sitting in a darkened room listening to me explain things is enough to put anyone into a vegetative state! So in Santa Domingo, […]

Dominican cab rides

Dominican Republic cab ride

I just finished teaching a 3 day Adobe Lightroom workshop in the Dominican Republic. Now I’m in Puerto Rico to teach another 3 day workshop this weekend! It’s not too late to enroll! Anyway, my time in the Dominican was short and I wasn’t able to shoot much, but I snapped a few images from the passenger seat during one of my cab rides in the wild Dominican traffic. As is the case in many countries, stop signs are mostly […]