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My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

HouseProud Video

I was honored to be tasked with making a video that really gets to the heart of what HouseProud is all about and showcases some of the real impact a small group of people can make in just a few hours. I was humbled by the generosity of those that volunteer and genuinely moved by the grateful attitude of those people we are helping.

New Work: 2013 Federal Reserve Annual Report Videos

I don’t often share the work I do at my full time job because it’s for a totally different audience. However we just completed a new project I’m happy to share with you all in hopes that you’ll enjoy looking at it and find some of the information useful.

workshoppers logo

Workshoppers.org Launch Video

I created this video to help explain and generate interest in workshoppers.org

Vancouver + Seattle

In September I took a trip with the lovely @jenamiller to check out an area of the country I hadn’t explored yet, the Pacific Northwest. We went to Both Vancouver and Seattle and took a train between the two. It was a great trip and I’ve posted lots of pictures from that trip on this blog. However, I also shot some video while I was there and I finally found the time to edit something together. Enjoy!

By Your Side – Short Film

Last year I was part of the crew on a short film called By Your Side, directed by Chris Stanford and Jake Herrle and DP’d by my friend Morgan Cooper. I was a camera operator for some of the scenes and also did some of the sound recording. It turned out really well, so I thought I would share the results: By Your Side from Chris Stanford on Vimeo. Produced by TwoThree Pictures. Shot with 5D Mark ll. Edited by […]

Mr. Coffee

I haven’t yet bought an HD-DSLR so I haven’t been able to produce much video lately. However, I recently joined up with Sunny Tsui to shoot this fun little video as a production test of the Canon 5dmk2. I wanted a quick and easy project to figure out the workflow, so one night I was getting a cup of coffee with Sunny and just as an example of something we could shoot easily, I came up with this idea. I […]

Ben Affleck does Keith Olbermann

I enjoy cable news but there is definitely a difference between each major cable news network and I’m not going to try to persuade you to watch one over the other, but I do encourage you to not be stuck watching one network all the time. It’s important to be exposed to a variety of different ‘slants’. For example we all know FOX news leans republican and MSNBC leans democrat. So once in awhile, flip over to a cable news […]