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New York City Buildings

The buildings form a canvas of New York City

When you go to New York, the one thing you can’t ignore is the buildings! They reach up into the sky and tower over the city… they are the main character in the New York story…  So when I was there a few weeks back I carried the Fuji XT2 around with me the whole time and just shot for fun and wouldn’t you know it, I came back with a lot of images of buildings I really liked. I love […]

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Day 1

Kendrick Disch Photography – Street Scenes from Charleston Day 1

Vancouver + Seattle

In September I took a trip with the lovely @jenamiller to check out an area of the country I hadn’t explored yet, the Pacific Northwest. We went to Both Vancouver and Seattle and took a train between the two. It was a great trip and I’ve posted lots of pictures from that trip on this blog. However, I also shot some video while I was there and I finally found the time to edit something together. Enjoy!

Downtown Seattle

I had been wanting to check out Seattle for awhile, as I’ve heard amazing things about it and I’ve got a few friends there that I haven’t seen in years. I was also there to shoot some headshots for my friend Sarah. I’ll post those soon… Here are a few randoms from the first day hanging out in Downtown Seattle. me with the lovely @jenamiller Cops in Seattle do things a little differently! I thought this ATM was interesting/gross!

Vancouver Day 3 – Stanley Park, To and From

By the third day in Vancouver, we were a little worn out from exploring and we were being a bit lazy. We decided to walk to Stanley Park and see what that was all about. Here is the lovely @jenamiller. Here’s a guy waiting in line to get his hot dog from Japadog, a Japenese hot dog street cart. Here’s the view from our hotel room later that evening.

Vancouver Day 2 – Bridge to Granville Island

Day 2 in Vancouver started with a great morning meeting with the Vancouver Photo Workshops to chat about workshoppers.org. They have some pretty awesome photography workshops, so check them out! After that we decided to check out Granville Island and the Public Market. We walked from our hotel to the island, which meant a long stroll across the Granville Bridge, and we got some great views.

Vancouver Day 1

This was my first visit to Canada. Been wanting to check out Vancouver for awhile now. I’ve always heard that it was one of the greatest cities in North America. The city was awesome and beautiful but perhaps a bit overhyped. It felt a little bit like a very relaxed New York City. Here are a few shots from the first day as we strolled around in the area known as Gastown. Here’s a guy who helped us decide where […]

Abstract shots from Train

While on the train from Seattle to Vancouver, I was messing around with a longer shutter speed to get some funky effects. Here are a few I thought were fun.

The Train from Seattle to Vancouver

This is the first in a series of posts covering my recent trip to Seattle and Vancouver with the lovely @jenamiller. We took an Amtrak train from Seattle to Vancouver. It was awesome! Definitely a good way to travel. I’m not the only one thinking that either. Evidently Amtrak is experiencing record ridership. It was spacious, non-crowded, had free wi-fi, had lounge cars with food and drink sales, plenty of room for luggage, and had huge windows for great views […]

a few random photos from Salt Lake City 2008

Three years ago this month (summer of 2008), my little brother got married in Salt Lake City, UT and I flew out for the wedding from Maine. It was a rather epic journey to get there and I actually missed the wedding. The whole story can be found here (Epic Journey to Salt Lake City). Anyway, I was digging back through some old photos and came across the photos from that trip. I found a few I liked that I […]

Saint Lucia Vacay part 3

As mentioned in part 1 and part 2, I went to Saint Lucia with my girlfriend, but it rained on us basically the whole time. The rain kind of dampened our plans for an awesome beach vacation, so instead we had a short kayaking expedition in the rain.

Saint Lucia Vacay – Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, I just got back from Saint Lucia with my girlfriend. We took a quick trip to celebrate her birthday and I also needed to work on my tan a little bit in preparation for the summer. Unfortunately it rained almost the entire time and we barely saw the sun, so I’m still ghostly white. I also didn’t shoot very much because I was on vacation. Mostly I ate and slept. Here are a few random […]

Saint Lucia Vacation part 1

To celebrate my girlfriend‘s birthday we snuck off to St. Lucia for a few days. Most people don’t know much about Saint Lucia, including me. Almost everything I know about it can be learned from looking at this google map.  We stayed in the northern tip of the island but the airport is in the south, so we had a lengthy commute and I shot pictures from the front seat of our shuttle. The roads were pretty sketchy in some […]

Holiday Driving 2011

I didn’t shoot much while I was visiting my family in Arkansas over the holidays, but I did get a few casual snaps while I was driving to and from. Yes, I shoot while I drive and I know I shouldn’t. But it’s not illegal and I’m a photographer.