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Brett Favre coming out of retirement!

I love football. Both playing and watching. I watch both college and NFL, but much more into NFL football because of the whole fantasy football thing. I’m not sure how, but I started liking the Packers and their quarterback named Brett Favre. He played with enthusiasm and true grit (yeah that’s on purpose) and I kind of latched on to him as my favorite player. pic stolen from the nydailynews.com I was crushed when they lost in the playoffs last […]

Mixed Martial Arts Shoot

I went to a MMA fight last weekend and took shots from a perch above the octagon. I didn’t get very good shots, most of the fights were very short and the fighters weren’t in a convenient position to my angle, but below are the results from that exciting shoot! For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, it’s basically a mix up of various fighting styles. People are cross trained in multiple styles including, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling/grappling, jujitsu, and […]