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Russell Carpenter

So Russell Carpenter was here in Maine teaching a few weeks ago. He was the cinematographer on “Titanic” which won an Oscar award for Cinematography. This night he was showing one of his recent films called “21” starring Kevin Spacey about some Blackjack Card Counters that are also MIT students. It was a cool little film, but not as good as I expected.


This particular photo took me a few minutes to get because the theater is so dark I have to shoot at a really slow shutter speed handheld which causes motion blur and camera movement. I stood in that spot clicking away waiting for him to do something interesting with his hands but not have them blurry. This was one of three that turned out, from about 25-30 clicks. Some people in the crowd got a little mad at me for distracting from his talking, but I don’t really care cuz I got this cool shot that will probably get used somewhere for promotion of the Maine Media Workshops.

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