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Random recent photos from March and April

This first one is actually from the Intro to Photography one day seminar I taught back in March. The model’s name is K and I will be shooting her for a school assignment next week. Yes, there is a reflector in the shot and yes I shot that between the legs of one of my students, but the story behind this is that I was down on the ground while my students were on the stairs working with the model and shooting her, I just stuck my camera through a horizontal slat on the stairs and shot upward and got this pretty cool shot…

The one below is some of my friends from school, (LtoR: Stewart, Sam, Missy) working on a poster project many many weeks ago. You can see my laptop in the background with a pretty picture on it. Yeah I did that on purpose!

The next three are from Lighting Class. The first one is in our studio at school, and the second and third are at a studio here in Atlanta where we sometimes have class!



This one is just a random shot of one of my studio setups for a photo I took. I’ll eventually post it online, but for now, just know that I had somebody sitting in that chair and I got a great portrait of them!

The one below is from my illustration class called Perspective. It’s pretty interesting!

This last one is my friend and classmate Monica. We were out shooting on location and I was standing in as a model while she set up the shot, I just shot this one from the hip without looking through the viewfinder and was pleased that I actually got a halfway decent shot!

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  1. you know what they say. reach one teach one.
    anyway, i need you to teach me..or at least give me some tips on how to build a cpu or better yet upgrade a processor– in plain english.

    btw…how’s atl?

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