First of all, congratulations on finding somebody worth marrying! In this day and age that’s a feat all by itself! But you found them and now you’d like to have a photographer document the miracle. Smart move! Even smarter to hire a professional. This is too important to leave it up to the dynamic duo of Uncle Bill and your cousin Becky, the 12 year old Iphone extraordinaire. Even if you don’t choose me, please choose responsibly and hire a pro.

As a professional photographer I deal with demanding clients all the time. Harsh deadlines, poor communication, challenging conditions, changing deliverables… That’s how you know you’re a pro. You can’t be rattled. So when it comes to wedding photography, I’m excited to provide you with beautiful fine art quality photos¬†no matter what the conditions and no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in on wedding day.

Please explore the Q&A to learn a bit more about how I work and check the pricing to see how much awesomeness costs.