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Photoshoot with 7 Weekers

The Maine Media Workshops has a 7 week work study program which involves instruction in either photography or filmmaking. The photos below were the idea of Lou, one of the filmmakers. She also happens to be a photographer and wanted to take some portraits of her classmates. She asked me to help her with the lighting setup. Carlos, another filmmaker/photographer wanted to help so it ended up being a very collaborative effort with all three of us contributing ideas and passing the camera back and forth so that we could each take shots. The models also contributed ideas for their own poses as well.

We used 3 canon 580EXII flashes for the lighting with 2 pointed onto the makeshift backdrop and the third attached with a 4ft cord to the camera aimed at the subject.

Each photographer got a copy of the pics and is doing their own post processing. The shots below are my ‘selects’ from the shoot and I wanted to share them with!











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  1. I like that picture of you. I could almost see this in a darker type of setting. You could make a crazy model – wow….I didn’t realize you photographed so well – for reals!

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