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Love – the movie

I just watched a movie called Love.

The plot outline as provided on netflix-

“Stranded alone aboard the International Space Station, astronaut Lee Miller fights to survive the stress of isolation and stay alive. But everything changes when he discovers something unexpected that allows him to travel through space and time.”

That sounds like a pretty decent plot, but it’s not really accurate in the sense that he doesn’t travel through time fighting bad guys or anything. The truth is he finds a journal from the civil war and the travels are likely in his head.

I’m not going to sit here and encourage people to watch it, as it’s a really unconventional film that doesn’t adhere to a linear storytelling arc. Most people won’t appreciate such a movie.

For example, here are a couple of reviews from netflix-

“Terrible. To elaborate more would take too much time writing, and too much time for you to read. The most simple way to review this film is in the next sentence. This is an embarrassingly bad film.”

“This movie was difficult to even understand, because it was pretty much just random videos that had no connection at all. There wasn’t really a set plot, and no background information was given. This movie was a waste of time, and the ending didn’t even explain anything. Do not watch.”

Most of the bad reviews of this film have legitimate gripes, but to me, it was like a beautiful cinematic poem. It’s more about the feelings it evokes than about the story itself. If you think you’d be down for that kind of thing, it’s on Netflix in the instant queue area.

This was on my list for quite awhile as the executive producer is Tom Delonge, one of my favorite musicians, and he and his band (Angels & Airwaves) also scored the soundtrack.

Evidently the budget for this film was around $500,000. That’s what makes this interesting! For such a low budget film, it is really really well done. Beautiful cinematography and a set that feels authentic.

This is obviously a passion project for writer/director William Eubank, a cinematographer by trade, and this seems to be his first feature as director.

He even built the main set in his parents backyard.

The set of Love 1

inside the set of "Love"
images borrowed from IMDB.com

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