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I accepted a job at…

December was the busiest month I’ve had as a freelance multimedia professional. It was awesome! I had commitments almost every single day of the month (minus the holidays, but you could also make a reasonable argument that those too were commitments).

Even though I was building momentum and developing a good client base, I wasn’t making enough money to pay down my debt and build up income. So…

I decided to accept the offer of a full time job at a company that prefers not to be mentioned online. You can check my linkedin profile if you really need to know (linkedin is ok).

I’ll be doing video production and photography in a well equipped studio and with budgets that are friendly to the creative vision. Unfortunately, I do have to dress business casual and show up 5 days a week. Hard adjustments to make!

I had very strong reservations about giving up my freelance lifestyle but after the first two weeks at my new job, I can say I’m very pleased with my decision.

I probably won’t post much about my work here but I will keep posting personal work and maybe I’ll get back into writing.

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