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Fried Puerto Rican Food

As we roamed around outside of town near the beach (it’s an island, so there are a lot of beaches), we stopped at a roadside restaurant for some dinner. They fry almost everything. Pictured below is some of the food we ate. I can’t remember what it’s officially called.

This is fried plantain with crapmeat inside.

They said this was chicken on a stick, but I’m not sure… it might have been iguana.
puerto rican food

puerto rican food

6 thoughts on Fried Puerto Rican Food

  1. First pciture: EMPANADILLA. They’re are NOT made with fried plantains. What the hell is inside it? I have no clue. Looks like cassava to me.

    Second picture. It’s a PINCHO. And yes; it looks like chicken. We do NOT eat iguanas.

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