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Dominican Food

soup menu

I’m not the biggest fan of Seafood and expected Dominican food to be very seafood oriented… I was pleasantly surprised to find it is more based on tropical fruits such as plantains.

This is my lunch during one of the workshop days. We brought our lunch back to the classroom to save time! Rice, Chicken, and Pastelón de platano maduro (ripe plantain casserole).
dominican lunch items

This is an appetizer, Dominica Quipe (arabian kibbeh, wheat and lamb, fried)
dominican appetizer

This is Mofongo: fried plantain with garlic and Chicharrón (fried pork rinds). I also had Mofongo de Yuca (cassava root)

dominican dinner

Thanks to Alicia and Su-jung for being such great hosts as I stumble around with wide eyes!

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