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Carbohydrate Supplement Circa 1963

Today I found myself assisting one of my classmates on a photoshoot in this old building we found in Southeast Atlanta.


Inside the building were all these old canisters labeled Civil Defense Carbohydrate Supplement. Some were rusted out and empty.


Some were still sealed up and not rusted. So I was pretty curious about what a Carbohydrate Supplement was, so I busted one open to take a look.

Turns out, it’s hard candy. I ate one to see what it tasted like and it tasted the same as any other candy I’ve ever eaten.

8 thoughts on Carbohydrate Supplement Circa 1963

  1. I wish I had found your pictures before I opened the can I have. I’m in Washington. One can was found the basement of an old house. I, too, was curious. The Stamp on the top says:

    Civil Defense Carbohydrate Supplement. of 6/ 1964. Contents 35 pounds. 88 pieces per pound. Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors. U.S. Certified Food Color.
    Societe, Candy Co., Seattle Wash.

    And the candy is still as good as I’m sure it was before it was packed. But now what do I do with 88 pounds of red and white rock candy? They sort of look like a Luden’s cough drop. lol

  2. I found a metal container unopened that says civil defense carbohydrate suppliment it was packed in 1963 its 35#s 97 pieces per pound its made by  Tasty Candy Products NY,NY, is it worth anything we discovered it while packing up our parents house

  3. The red dye used in that particular ration was one that was discontinued because it was deemed carcinogenic.

  4. I too have an unopened can of the hard candy carb. supplement ..1964 35lbs. 97 pieces… putting it on ebay is fine…ask 25$.. …than have to get 30$ shipping…cant see anybody spending 50-60$ for it…but who knows…

  5. PS to my first post..if interested in the full unopened can email and make an offer…I’m in NY…

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