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New York City Buildings

The buildings form a canvas of New York City

When you go to New York, the one thing you can’t ignore is the buildings! They reach up into the sky and tower over the city… they are the main character in the New York story…  So when I was there a few weeks back I carried the Fuji XT2 around with me the whole time and just shot for fun and wouldn’t you know it, I came back with a lot of images of buildings I really liked. I love […]

Solar Eclipse 2017 in Atlanta

My view of the 2017 Solar Eclipse from Midtown, Atlanta

As every other photographer did, I pulled my camera out during the Solar Eclipse and shot a few photos. It was a great experience and I enjoyed viewing the rare phenomenon with friends and colleagues. I also thought it was fun to shoot everyone looking up at the sky too… Shot these on my Fuji XT-2 with a 16-55mm 2.8.   

Jen Miller of 9th House Studios

Business Portraits of Jen

I gotta give a shout out to Jen for finally building a website for her consulting work. It’s live at 9thhousestudios.com go take a look and once there you’ll see a bunch of words and also some fun pictures of Jen. Well, I took those! You can see a few selects from the shoot below!

Kevin and Pam Wedding Reception Photography

I worked with both Kevin and Pam, so I was honored they wanted me to photograph their wedding reception. They actually got married a few weeks prior in Saint Lucia but wanted to have a reception here in Atlanta for all the family and friends. I think it’s a great idea! It was a beautiful reception held at the Artmore Hotel and was several hours of fun and dancing! Below are a few of the highlights! I just love how happy […]

Ned by Atlanta headshot photographer kendrick disch

New Headshots For Ned – by Atlanta Portrait Photographer Kendrick Disch

I took a few headshots of Ned for the company’s new website. They turned out great and I wanted to share a few.

Little 5 Points photostroll

Little 5 Points in Atlanta is a photographer’s paradise. It’s filled with eclectic people and textures. I took my camera and my 50mm lens for a casual stroll on a Friday night and got captured some of that vibrancy.

Dog Portraits Atlanta - Barkley

Barkley Photoshoot

A good friend lost her friend last week. His name was Barkley and he developed hemangiosarcoma in his heart and lungs. Fortunately I was able to get him into my studio (currently my living room) and we did a little photoshoot a few days before he passed. Here are a few favorites.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Kendrick DIsch |

Diana and Adam – by Atlanta Wedding Photographer Kendrick Disch

Photography highlights from the wedding of Diana and Adam at Chastian Horse Park on December 13, 2015 by Atlanta Wedding Photographer Kendrick Disch

Kayaking in Florida Keys aka playing with new GoPro

a few sample GoPro photos from our Kayak tour through the mangroves in the Florida Keys.

Mailbag: How did you develop your skills?

In this Mailbag answer, I give a very detailed (3000 words) history of how I learned to be a photographer and you can too!

Charlee (2001-2015)

Today I had to let go of my friend Charlee. She got sick and we couldn’t make her better. She was a great dog and will be terribly missed.

My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

HouseProud Video

I was honored to be tasked with making a video that really gets to the heart of what HouseProud is all about and showcases some of the real impact a small group of people can make in just a few hours. I was humbled by the generosity of those that volunteer and genuinely moved by the grateful attitude of those people we are helping.

My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

My current DSLR set up for One-Man-Band Video production

Many of my video shoots don’t have budget for a lot of helpers, so I’m often the entire operation: Directing, Shooting, Producing, Audio, Writing, Editing, and Grading. Doing it this way doesn’t get boring. I thought I’d post a recent picture of my camera setup for when I’m operating alone.

Leaving Instagram

Why I went back to Instagram

I rejoined Instagram about 3 weeks ago and I thought I should explain my reasons.