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Best Carry On Camera Bag – Think Tank Airport International V3.0

Is this the best carry-on camera bag? We’re looking at the Think Tank Photo Airport International V3.0. Let’s get into it!

The Think Tank International V3.0 is well designed, durable, carries a ton of gear while meeting international standards, and is made to last as long as possible with replaceable parts. It’s definitely a favorite of mine.

So let’s talk about the replaceable parts. On the backside, we’ve got a curb protector on the sides over the wheels, the skid plate, and the wheels themselves. On the left side, the TSA-approved lock for zippers is replaceable. And finally, the feet that prop the bag up when not rolling are also replaceable. Basically, all the things that get the most wear and tear.

Each bag has a serial number so you can register it, and if someone finds it and hands it in, you can track it down with said serial number. And for even more security, there’s a built-in security tab in the top so you can lock it.

Now, about the bag’s design. The handle is retractable, like luggage, and there’s a spot at the top for a business card or label.

There’s a stretchy pocket in the front that isn’t secure, but it’s good for something easily or often accessed, such as a magazine, or papers. Above that, there’s a zipper pocket that has a lot of depth. There are also pockets for your laptop and iPad. I find this a good space to store my clapboard. There are also organizational pockets inside these front pocket spaces.

This bag opens like a suite case, clamshell-style. It takes up more room in the space that you’re working out of, so that’s a small con. It would be great to see a version of this bag that has straps on the inside so the lid stays propped up, when open, instead of folding over into additional space.

Think Tank always makes sure you have plenty of dividers, and with this bag it’s no different. The u-shape cutout dividers are great so you can have the camera with the lens attached, stored safely.

What I’ve been able to fit inside is a Canon camera with lens attached, Fuji camera with a grip and lens attached, carry straps, five individual lenses, a spare Fuji charger, a monitor, cable, and audio microphone.

The door of the case has see-through pockets – not mesh, but something of a vinyl material. They’re solid and have zippers (which have a little zipper garage as a safety mechanism so the metal parts don’t rub on your camera gear.

Back to the outside of the back, we’ve got big comfy handles on the left side and top, and a sturdy handle on the bottom. There’s a strap and pocket on the right side that you can put a tripod or light stand in.

This camera bag is great, and so well thought out with travel in mind. It’s great for a solid camera shoot, and while there are bigger bags available, this one works really well as an international carry-on.

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