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About me

A little more about the man behind the camera... Kendrick Disch

Photography is both an art and science and I think it’s that crossroads that keeps me excited about shooting. I get to play with light as an artist but also the technology is constantly changing so the nerdy side of me gets to geek out on tech specs all the time too.

I found my specialty as a portrait photographer because I think every person has a story in their eyes and it's fascinating to me to find it and bring it out.

I got started in photography by shooting video. I knew my video skills could get better by learning the art of the still image, so I got a small manual camera and was immediately hooked on the color and composition possibilities in a still frame.

Along the way, I learned at some of the best places in the world including The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, The Maine Media Workshops, and The Portfolio Center, here in Atlanta. If you want to know more, I shared my journey to becoming a photographer in this very long blog post.

In 2018 I got married to an amazing woman named Jen and we are always planning the next "exploracation" (Yes, I just invented a word!)! So far we've been to 8 countries and all over the USA. Many of those travels are documented on the blog on this site!

I like to hang out with my pup, Levi. He’s a Husky mix that’s about 7 years old. He’s very smart and a ton of fun!

I'm also the owner of a video marketing agency called Vertical River that focuses on video and content marketing for ethical and sustainable businesses.


  • Portrait Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Documentary Photography