Steffany Greenfield

professional photographer

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2012 1st Place “Photographie Beauty” Award
2012 1st Place adf Shootingstarcontest
2013 G+J Photoaward Categorie Lifestyle
2014 second Place “Mensch und Natur” Leica

Among my clients

Richard Smith
Sara Johnson

Eco Cosmetics
Dave Woodsman
Johanna Lee

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What I'm good at
Professionally Trained

I studied documentary filmmaking and photography in college, studied commercial photography at The Portfolio Center here in Atlanta, and worked at two world class photography institutions. I’ve been making a living at this stuff my entire professional career.

Friendly Service

I value each of my customers and appreciate the trust you put in me, so I’ll constantly strive to treat you better than you expect.

Photoshop Ninja

Photoshop is your friend. It’s what helps me make compelling and attractive photography. When I’m working on your pictures, each one is getting custom treatment and attention to detail.

I don’t have complex and convoluted pricing schemes designed to get you to spend more. I try to keep it simple and straightforward with no surprises.

  • I’m honestly at a loss for words to express how much these images mean to us, and how much they will mean to our family and friends.

    Mark M.
    Happy Client
  • “Thank you SO MUCH for shooting our wedding and doing a phenomenal job! The pictures look amazing and it was a fun experience.

    Rebecca C.
    happy client
  • WHOA these look awesome! I love them!!!! Thank you so much Kendrick!

    Elyse W.
    Happy Client
  • Seriously, WOW on the editing!

    Sarah T - Actress
    Sarah T
    Happy Client
  • This is incredible Kendrick 🙂 Thank you so much!

    Lyla Morrison, Genius + Art Director
    Lyla M.
    Happy Client
  • I wanted to thank you for our engagement pictures! They are amazing, and I’ve never been so excited to display pictures.

    Gen W.
    Happy Client